Theory Test Master

About Us

Hi All, I am Shoaib Inam, a passionate and experienced Theory test tutor with a proven track record for success. My speciality is to not only prepare students for their UK driving theory test and Life in the UK test exam but also to motivate and mentor them.

​I understand how confusing English can be to the vast majority of my students whom English is not their first language. Hence, my dedication to ensuring that English as a second language would not be an obstacle to their success.

My tutoring involves tailored activities using special techniques that drive creativity and curiosity. I have adopted teaching methods that spark the desire to learn more about the topic and develop. Helping keep students actively interested and driving them towards success. My teaching enhances the performances of every student in all aspects of theory test preparation.

Through Theory Test Master, I turn challenges into opportunities to reassure my students that language barrier should never stop them from achieving what they wanted to achieve.

With my teaching, coupled with your patience, understanding, and hard work, I am confident in achieving success.